How to install WordPress on windows server 2012

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Hi, today I will try to show you how to install CMS WordPress in a Windows Server 2012 operating system. localhost environment is an essential part for WordPress user to do any testing and development. You can installs WordPress to test and play with new versions of themes and plugins.

So, I am assuming that you have a laptop or PC and Windows Server 2012 is installed on that machine.

1. First You need to download and run Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

2.Second select Applications link at the top.

3. Third select wordpress by clicking ‘Add’ next to it.

4. Now click the ‘Install’ button at the bottom of the page.

5. Follow the prompts to set your passwords for your WordPress site.

6.Setup is Finish

 Showing your database credentials

7. Next, automatically your browser will open and the bellow tab will appears. URL “localhost/wordpress//wp-admin/install.php”

8. Select your website language from the list and click on continue button.

9. Next, you have to provide “Site Title”, it is the website name.

10. Provide username, and password of your website. (only for admin user)

11. Click on install WordPress button.

WordPress setup successfully completed.

Your admin login URL is “http://localhost/wordpress/wp-login.php”

Login to your admin Dashboard using admin username & password.

Your website is ready.

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