Two grains of rice

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When I arrived from my village I was seven years old. To get one piece of bread I turned into a dog. Whenever I looked into the sky I felt my world was moving very fast, everything was dizzy all around me. I looked into the dustbin; saw how people were throwing food with filths. I wanted to run and snatch the leftover of the food from their hand; I imagined how good it would feel to have all those food. I wanted to say, ‘do not throw away’, ‘please give it to me’. But people were stranger to me; they looked at me like the way they looked at stray dog. I was hungry for two days and two nights. I drank very little water. Whenever I sipped water I felt to vomit. Water tasted bitter and I was day dreaming for some food. Then I went to the contractor told him I could transport five hundred bricks, he just had to give me some food. He looked at me and said, I was no use for him, because he could count bones of my body. Then what he saw in me I do not know. He gave me the first chance. That day when I had food I felt , nothing in this world has meaning without food. My contractor asked me what I wanted to do when I will grow up. I touched my plate and said, ‘When I will grow old, I will share my food’. It’s been twenty years every day I am feeding two hungry children, one at afternoon, and another during dinner. I have no idea from where these hungry children came to me. They also know they are only welcome for one time. After having food they will ask to write down in the name of Pagla Hasan. Many time I smiled to myself after realizing they do not often recognize I am the Hasan. They only know there is a Hasan who feed hungry children. I thank God every time when I touch my food. There is no greater pain than hunger. When these children eat beside me I see myself on them. I feel so content when they burp and smile after having a peaceful meal. People of this world have no idea how valuable two grains of rice is for a hungry stomach.

– Hasan

Source : Every story & Image depicted in the page are real life experiences. Based on people who are heroes of life. © Photojournalist GMB Akash (

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