The aim of the WBCS interview is to asses the suitability of the candidate for the WBCS job for which he is being considered and interviewed. Therefore, when you are appearing for WBCS interview you must make it a point to know as much as possible for WBCS service for which you being considered. As regards the WBCS interview, you must know what a WBCS officer is required to do.
Interview preparation is not just a matter of a few days- whole personality counts. You must acquaint yourself with your home State, district, city, school, college, hobbies, own subjects, general concepts of Public Administration, WBCS service etc. also you can brush up the material like Polity, Economy, History, current affairs etc. For the Interview read as many newspapers and as many magazine as possible. Discuss with your friends.

Dress sense is of crucial importance. Light colour should be preferred. White colour is a good choice. Men need to wear light colour shirt and a dark trouser and women appear best in a saree. Use convenient footwear like black or brown leather shoes . Pay attention to the details, ironed dress, polished shoes, hair accessories, trimmed finger nails etc. Do not wear anything that connects you with a religious or political group. Do not use heavy perfume/deodorants. With well-tailored, fitting dress, proper hygiene and proper care to details like hair cut, combing up hair , polishing of shoes and so on, you look elegant and impressive.

ENTRY: First impression is often the best impression.
Reach the Exam centre well in time, so some deep breathing to maintain your cool and be charming during the interview. Keep a file/folder to keep your certificates and documents in an organized manner. They are verified before you enter the interview room.Do not get nervous when you are waiting for your turn for the Personality Test. Knock at the door before entering, as it indicates basic courtesy, wait for a few seconds to observe the formality of obtaining permission to proceed inside. After getting in, close the door gently, turns on your heels noiselessly and walk up towards the desk behind which the Chairman and Members are seated. Greet all the members cordially with pleasant smile on your lips and do not sit down on the seat without being asked to. If there is a lady member in the interview board, greet her first. Men should keep the feet flat on the floor during the interview, knees at waist level, and hands on your thighs and place your elbows on the armchair. Avoid locking hands. Women, cross your ankles or legs, but keep the bottom leg straight down and do not swing it over the top leg and keep your elbows positioned on the arms of the chair.
During Interview: Be cool. Be yourself during the Interview.
Your personality is, on an average, assessed in 25-30 minutes, it is your responsibility to bring out your very best in front of the board. Be attentive and listen to each question carefully. Try not to jump into an answer before the complete question has been posed as you will end up wasting time on answering a question that you were not actually asked. If you are not sure of what was asked, you can always politely seek a clarification. Do not try to answer the question as soon as it is posed. Think over the question, take your time and organize the broad outline of the answer before airing it. Pause a while before answering, even if you know the answer. Your replies should be crisp and to the point. Do not beat around the bush. Accept your mistakes boldly. It is better to say ‘No’ than to bluff around. Speak honestly, truthfully and modestly. Don’t try to be too argumentative. Take tea or coffee, if any member offers the same to you. This will show you are relaxed and it will also help in lightening and relaxing further proceedings and give them an informal touch. Don’t criticize any government policies or even individuals.
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