Royal Enfield Diesel Engine Motorcycle


Do you know, that once Royal Enfield Bullet was available in Diesel? Two models were available in India. Both models were manufactured by two different company with two brand names. One is Sooraj & other one is Taurus. Sooraj was retrofit with Royal Enfield bike chassis and a Greaves Lombardini Diesel Engine, on the other hand Royal Enfield was manufacturing the same with the model name Taurus.

Royal Enfield (Sooraj) with Greaves Lombardini Diesel Engine Motorcycle

A Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh based company, Sooraj Automobiles produce diesel motorcycles with Royal Enfield gear box fitted with Greaves Lombardini 325cc diesel engine in 1992. Greaves Lombardini was an Indian affiliate of Lombardini of Italy. The company advertised fuel efficiency of 80kmpl, and most of them are still in running condition. With competition getting intense, India’s oldest motorcycle manufacturing company, Royal Enfield, is exploring newer segments, with the idea of bigger engines and diesel variants. Enfield is planning to bring diesel-powered bikes back into the Indian market, a project for which work is on.

Royal Enfield (Taurus) with Greaves Lombardini Diesel Engine Motorcycle

Royal Enfield Taurus was the only diesel engine bike available in country, which was commercially produced. Royal Enfield Diesel motorcycle, once available with either a 325cc or 436cc single cylinder 4 stoke Greaves engine these bikes are no longer in production according to the Official Royal Enfield website. Both versions of this bike have 12 volt electrics, 4 gears, 14.5 litre tanks and 18 to 1 compression ratios. This bike is no longer in production. At one stage F2 Motorcycles imported these bikes into the U.K. and restored them. No longer though. Probably the most massed produced Diesel Motorcycle to date. 

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