Move on

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Allow them to judge you if they are perfect; for not everyone will understand your life’s journey. Some may judge and talk ill about you without the slightest idea of what you’ve been through.

Allow them when the fabricators and liars try to concort stories to make you look bad in the eyes of the people. Know that whoever throws dust to the rising wind will definitely be hit back by it.

Allow the fault finders and critics to pass unjustifiable comments about you if they can wear your shoes. What you’ve survived might have killed someone.

Allow the talkatives to set their own questions about you and mark you with their coloured lenses. They may try to bury you with lies forgetting that you’re a seed and will rise up.

Allow them, for your critics are like sandpaper and they exist to smoother you into a refined person. Remember weak people revenge, strong people forgive and intelligent people ignore.

Forget all critics and move on; for the lion does not turn around when a small dog barks……. keep focusing on life, for your critics are not God.
Time indeed will tell.

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