Marvelous life is also important! Not only sex.

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At the end of the day, the husband forgets to leave his wife’s bra, there is a heart deep within two inches from the breast! Before touching a body of salt, sometimes it is not asked “are you better”? The husband does not remember returning home after buying a condom from the street, how it is to return home with a small kawl.

The place to enjoy the world! However, we often think of spending only a lot of family! Difficulty to understand the difference between enjoyment and enjoyment, because of our unmarried life in our marriage! The rules of the house do not actually open the blouse button, there are many things outside these open rules! Business is a responsibility! After the frenzy of physical attraction, the sleeping couples can not be seen in the opposite direction, love never comes in anabhaa! If the person starts to feel uncomfortable after the sperm flare, you could not become lover, yet lover! If you are a boyfriend, you have to wait till the child’s sleep in front of his lips

At an age we expect the body as well as love! Once again, our love is needed as well as the body!

There is no charm to the naked body! Happiness is found in the lover’s hair, cheek toilets, forehead pressing, eye craft! Love means “256 times can be killed by looking at your eyes”! Love means “you sleep, I wake you up from a whole night”! If you can not deny the body for love, then how to deny love for the body! The body will come in love, but the body also comes in love!

Not only the breast, the heart of the two inches from the breast, which can not be seen, he has not learned to love anyway! We learned to discover the depth of the zine, but did not learn to find the depth of the heart!

Do not leave clothes for a night, watch the man sitting by the hand! Listen to the four happiness and sorrow! Give the opposite man a little time! There should be a little bit of mesmerizing for you in the chest of the man! The Heart Affected by Heartburn, will not be interested in your long-term durational sex!

For those who do not have love, do not get bored!

Writes – Asaduzzaman Life

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