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Mango Frooti is the oldest mango drink of India. It’s been around with us for 32 years. It was launched in 1985 by Parle Agro, just two years before I born.

Mango Frooti was the first one to start with the concept of tetra pack. Frooti claims to have 85% share in the market among Slice and Maaza. Now Mango Frooti with their “WHY GROW UP” campaign have tried to be a substitute for Cola and Pepsi.

Over the years the brand has experienced a series of repositioning from the original tagline “Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy” to “Juice Up your Life”. Eventually, the original tagline “Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy” was put into plan.

Frooti was considered to be a kids beverage, but they wanted to capture youth of India. Since then, it has undergone several changes such as in the colour of packaging. Also, it is now available in different shapes and sizes such as triangular tetra pack, slim tetra pack and PET bottles.

Mango frooti did come out with simple print ads and tvcs which had a long recall value in the minds of a consumer.Here are some print ads of Mango Frooti


In print ads of frooti there is not much creativity but its still simple and catchy. These print ads clearly shows what message they want to convey.I feel that these ads could have been more creative and innovative for a a long effect on the audience .

The copy writing of Mango Frooti like where one of the print ad says “Sip It Like Nobody’s Watching” is really nice and catchy and in another where there is an empty frooti bottle,its bit creative it shows that how frooti has a soothing effect on people.I feel Mango frooti should come up with more creative and innovative ads.
There are print ads which are a part of their recent campaign “Why Grow Up”. These ads are actually creative,where pictures do all the talking it doesn’t even confuse the audience.
There is one of the digital ad which appeared in one of the sites. It tells about the Mango Frooti campaign.


Mango frooti has series of various ads which are all creative and entertaining.Their ads generally revolve around the concept of Why grow up and that India’s favorite drink is frooti and even if time changes the taste of frooti won’t change.

Mango frooti has three major campaign which is still spoken about.

1. The first campaign is the Digen Verma campaign. It was one of the most intresting campaign which was a major created a buzz around a faceless character who can be everywhere and drinks just frooti. Their aim was to create curiosity among youngesters and they did. It was during that time when frooti wanted to catch the attention of the youngsters saying that this drink is for everyone and not only for kids.

2. Second campaign of Mango Frooti was”The Mango Surprise” pranks which was played on people across India. They dropped giant mangoes from trees, rolled big mangoes down sloping roads, and surprising unsuspecting people. It was then the anchor would go up to these victims and handed them a bottle of frooti saying that frooti is made up of real juicy mango. Mango frooti was the first one to start with their reality gags which turned out to be a huge hit. It was one my best ad and the ad agency Creativeland Asia really thinks out of box for the tvcs

3. Mango frooti’s latest campaign is the Why Grow Up Campaign. Where Mango Frooti tried to reposition them as an adult drink a substitute of Cola and Pepsi.the ads are simple where they have shown monatge of people of various age group having Frooti with that slurping sound and that sound becomes a rythmic sound in the advertisement. Frooti is trying to revive its positioning as a trusted, yummy drink in the crowd of macho and cool colas. Their tagline Why Grow Up is perfect for this advertisement because in the end they are saying that one does not need to drink Cola or Pepsi just because they are adults.

Mango frooti Tv commeercials are very innovative and fun to watch to. It’s simple, to the point and yet so catchy with good recall in the minds of customer. The jingle of Mango Frooti is also very attractive and soothes to human ears. One of the successes of Mango Frooti is also because of the jingle.

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