Haran Photography – Haran Kumar “Short Biography”

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Haran Photography - Haran Kumar Short Biography

Haran Photography – Haran Kumar Short Biography

“Once upon a time the street gave my shelter to live, nowadays the STREET gives me Life”

I was 11 years old when I ran away from home. The thought of being forced to study by my parents tormented me. With just Rs 20 in my pocket and not a care in the world, I set off to become a permanent resident of New Delhi Railway Station. Here though I was faced with many challenges of a life between the fast tracks; selling bottles of water and carrying luggage. The cruel behavior I witnessed often shook my spirit, but the excited smiles of travellers gave me hope that there is joy for everyone in this world. I was determined to have my share.

My earliest childhood was spent in an abundance of greenery and natural beauty in a remote village, Madanmohanpur, West Bengal. Five years after I left home, I returned to meet my family for an emotional family reunion. Two months later however, I wanted to leave again to continue my studies. I had become independent by this time and didn’t want to be bound by any ties.

A 2001 international photography workshop (“HOME LIFE*) changed my life. I was given a roll of film and a camera and asked to shoot whatever I wanted to. I choose “Street Life* as I wanted to portray, through my photographs, the dreams, desires and aspirations of people who lived on the street. This was a life I knew. A life that had made me tough: changing my outer personality and inner perspective.

In December 2004 an exhibition was held at India Habitat center in Delhi. Following from this in 2005 I had my first solo exhibition on “Street Life”. After this my life completely changed.

I like to take pictures of those children who are uncared for, who have hope in their eyes but no way out of ‘poverty’. Sometimes I’m so shocked I forget to shoot. I want to work for those bound by their unfortunate lot in life; as both a photographer and inseparable part of their family.

I don’t want to glorify the poverty, dirt and sorrow of those living on the streets. I wanted to capture the vibrant colors of street life, the unanswered questions in the eyes of street children, their zeal to live happily, their will to make a mark, their hope to hear good news, the happiness that each new morning brings them.

Today, I have had many National and International exhibitions. The world is my playground. I wanted to be a photographer in order to share those truths, which are still not recognized by the society. I am not a Mahatma who aims to change the society. I am just a simple human being who tries to describe the truth of “Street Life*.

Any other information plz contact Photographer: Haran Kumar, Mobile: +919810562077 Mail: haranphotography@gmail.com, facebook : https://www.facebook.com/haran.kumar.98

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