Story of a common man

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“Creative MAN is motivated by desire to achieve,not by the desire to beat others”

— Ayn Rand

It’s not a story! Its experience. Story began in the year of 1987 on first day of May. An extra ordinary man was born on labours Day to start his struggle from a small village of Maharashtra. MR. VINOD RAMBHAU WAIRAGADE was born in Ramnagar Colony, Rajura, Chandrapur district, Maharashtra. His father is a teacher by profession. From his childhood only he was well disciplined and hardworking boy. In his school days he was well known for his studies and politeness among teachers and students. After completing his schooling from Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Nagpur division, he joined engineering under Shivaji University, Kolhapur. From his childhood only he was dreaming to be an engineer. He is very much passionate toward engineering & technology. During his graduation he started building electro-mechanical gadgets & models for various exhibitions & competition. During his college days he participates in many ROBO RACE and other technical workshop. Continuously he participated in robotics event like robo soccer, robo war, robo race. He got second prize in national level pick and place robot event in his final year of engineering. His performance in Robo Race was remarkable & outstanding. In his college days he designed and fabricated mini Projects such as Mobile operating land rover, Low cost inverter, Traffic light controller etc. Major project he worked with the WIRELESS AGRICULTURE ROBOT which is the application of electronics, communication and mechanical. This project is new invention in agricultural field by using Mechatronics. This is a proto-model which will be used for agricultural purposes like ploughing, spraying, sowing and planning. He was also planned to make it eco-friendly by operating it on a solar system. In the year of 2010-11 he completed his Bachelors of Electronics Degree in 1’st Class with Distinction.

After graduation he was applied for higher studies in the field of Mechatronics. He got admission in Masters of Technology in Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University, Hyderabad. The main turning point of his life starts from here. His success graph starts from the class room & workshop. First small scale Hydraulic excavator model was designed and fabricated by him. Although it was just a hobby project only.  Second remarkable project he was associated with a real-time “Automation for the Processes of Autoclaved Aerated concrete (AAC) Block Manufacturing system by using PLC” for Intra Industrial Automation, Hyderabad. According to his design his method is less complex, less time and less labour intensive then traditional process used to cut the AAC blocks. The whole process consists of mould dispenser, tilting table, cutting mechanism, autoclave, stacking and de-stacking and finally material handling system. But he was mainly focusing on the very important part our process i.e. titling and cutting processes. For that he started the project with design, fabrication, assembling, testing, and installing. After installation of all this assembly he have been look for automate this process by controlling it with PLC programming. In the year of 2013 he completed his Masters in 1’st Class with Distinction.

At IGTR, Aurangabad

At IGTR, Aurangabad

After that he joined Indo German Tool Room, Aurangabad, Maharashtra he started his first job as a Trainee Engineer in Low Cost Automation department (LCA). Here he mainly worked on Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Embedded, PLC, VLSI system design and development. At IGTR he work for 2 and half years, then he joined The Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Shikshan Sanstha (C.S.M.S.S.), Aurangabad. In April 2017 he represent and participate in E-yantra Robotics Presentation, IIT Pawai Bombay-Automation process paper bag manufacturing.

In eYIC-2017 (Ideas Competition) IIT BOMBAY his group wins First Prize for Best Hardware Design @National level, First Prize at Regional Level.



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