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Most common backup strategies

Choosing a database backup strategy is crucial because it determines how data in your SQL Server database is protected. You can read more about database backup strategies, but here we are going to present you some statistics on how SQL Backup And FTP users backup their databases. The numbers are based on a sample of about a thousand users.

17% of users do not do automatic scheduled backups

Some of SQL Backup And FTP users create backups manually, without any schedule. This backup strategy is, for example, good in the development environment when you need to quickly take a snapshot of the current database state. But in production,  you need to make sure that your database is secured by regular backups. Read more »

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Configuring Mirroring (SQL Server)

Before Configuring mirroring, make sure that you have 3 different database instance is ready to use in same windows server or in different windows server.

Configuring Mirroring

Connect to Principal server > select database > go to properties > select mirror.

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Configuring security

Click on > Configuring security button, a popup windows “Configuring Database Mirroring Security Wizard” will appear. Click on > Next > Include Witness Server? > Click on > Yes > Next > Next > Choose Principal Server Instance (as already selected in drop down box) > Listener Port: 5022 > Endpoint name: Mirroring > Click on Next. Read more »

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Database Mirroring (SQL Server)

Database Mirroring:

DB mirroring, maintaining two synchronized copies of database is called mirroring. Secondary database will be in NO-RECOVERY always. Only one copy of database is available to user at any time.

Mirroring implemented by combination of other 3 high availability concepts. Read more »

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